Judge not by the healer’s ability to heal, but by the team’s ability to work together.


Common-fucking-Sense. If the tank fails, the team fails. If the DPS fails, the team fails. If the healer fails, the team fails. If the team doesn’t communicate and work as one cohesive unit, the team fails. A death in the party is not and should not always be pinned on the healer. Think first about what you did and ask these questions:

  • Did the tank run ahead without buffs to speed pull the entire dungeon without warning?
  • Did the DPS decide to pull ahead of the tank (contrary to popular belief, this often causes the healer to die from healing the stupid DPS or the DPS to drop dead because the healer’s not that stupid)?
  • Are you deciding to say “fuck it” and stand in AoE’s because you’re “over geared” for the content? 
  • Did (in the case of the Circus Tower I just got out of) the healer of another alliance decide to run ahead and start every boss before everyone was in the arena?

9 times out of 10 the fault for a death or mass death is not on one person (usually the healer because hey let’s blame the person who has to keep everyone alive), but everyone in the party. For example I had to sit through a pretty horrendous Garuda HM last night, and to be honest we failed because the veteran members of the party refused to explain the rotation of the fight to our newer members (pretty much every single DPS). Why? Because they wanted to rush it and fuck off for the night. I understand that. It was like 1am for me, but still come on. Our DPS are new and you can’t kill the bitch without DPS so have some courtesy and take 10min to explain (which I tried but healing and explaining a fight at the same time while using a controller is difficult).

Some might ask, when do you blame the healer? You blame the healer when one of the following applies:

  • Thumb is clearly very far up their own ass.
  • Consistent unspoken afk (IE: falling asleep)
  • Is a gigantic tool. (These should be immediately kicked from everything as soon as they open their mouths)
  • New and unwilling to learn.
  • Lazy
  • D/C’d mid fight and never came back
  • Actually can’t play a healing job for their life (IE: Doesn’t care)

Not lag. Not accidental death caused by really shitty circumstances thanks to the boss suddenly having amazing AI. Not Tanks and DPS that can’t dodge. That’s not healer fault. Survival is not based on how well your healer can keep you alive, but also how well you can enhance your own. Dodging is your own survival. Some jobs also have actual skills that help them survive (Elusive Jump, Quelling Strikes, most Gladiator abilities, some Marauder abilities, Shroud of Saints, Fists of Earth, Manaward, Second Wind, Mantra, Featherfoot, etc etc). Some people don’t use these believe it or not and it’s sad.

tl;dr: Stop blaming your healers for everything. They’re not gods. Same for tanks and DPS. It’s not one person’s fault all the time. And if you know you fucked up, own up to it.

There is a thing so many DPS just don’t care about that I’ve noticed:

When you roll duty finder and pop in with people you’ve never played with, please remember to gauge the skill of the tank and from that the extent at which the healer will give a shit about you and properly adjust your pew pewing so you don’t get attention.


Dungeons, trials and raids are team efforts and if the tank can’t hold or grab hate off you, that’s not your queue to moan and gripe about them not being able to out tank you. Because, you know, the tank could be super good! I’ve seen loads of super good tanks be unable to hold hate off asshole Bards and Black Mages who think they’re top shit. But the party isn’t going to work out if you, the DPS, don’t give the tank a chance to generate hate on everything. If healers like me have to hold back on that insatiable itch to top the mother fuckers off constantly, then you can hold back for 3 seconds and save everyone the trouble of dealing with your mouth after getting your spine pulled out through your ass because the mobs dislike your entire existence.

Other important things to remember (especially for those DPS who have never leveled a tank job in their career like myself), there is a point at which you and the tank could hit extremely close to capped hate on an enemy and thus the tank can’t pull it off you as easily. This happens when you pop your cool downs on something and start attacking relentlessly before the tank even has a chance to shield lob/tomahawk and flash. This also occurs when you continue attacking relentlessly after the tank has used provoke. FFXIV provoke is not FFXI provoke. If the tank has to provoke, slow the fuck down for a second.

In addition to this, Black Mages? You may not be a bard but you have a wonderful little cross class trick called Quelling Strikes. Get it, use it, master it. It doesn’t lower your DPS at all so suck it up and pop that shit if you see all the enemies reaching the blinking red triangle on your screen. You’ve no reason not to. And if you’re using the party’s hate meter to gauge how much damage you’re doing, please hit yourself with your own staff a couple hundred times.

TL;DR Wow DPS you’re not the most important things in the world and no one cares about how much damage you’re actually doing, only how effectively you play your job and cooperate with your teammates, FC friends or not. kthnxbai


This has been a message or something from some White Mage on Balmung.